It's a glad welcome I bring to you this day, filled with the desires, hopes, and dreams we all share.

I'm Dr. John Dogulas Palleti, M.Sc., Ph.D.

Kingdom Ambassador   Scientific Researcher –   Social Entrepreneur

Dr. John D. Palleti

About Me

I am the one who explores opportunities that have a positive impact on science, society, or the world in which we live. 

Living With a Purpose, Passion and Vision While Exploring The World.

I have a vision to carry out the purpose that God has given us, that is to bring His Kingdom to all the nations of the earth. While exploring the world, I am continuing to pursue my passions in science, the arts, and commerce to the best of my ability.

Languages Known: English, Spanish, Telugu and Hindi.

Marital Status: Single

Date of Birth: 22nd October 1985

Nationality: Indian

  • I like to read books, cook, and work on computers.
  • I love travelling and going out with friends & family.
  • I strive to provide solutions in a timely manner.
  • I have the ability to teach myself.
  • In order to reach my professional and personal interests, I want to put my interpersonal and academic abilities to better use by focusing on new ideas, performing in-depth analysis and evaluation, and developing a thorough understanding of an organization’s or individual products and services.

What Services I'm Providing

Research & Development, Writing & Publishing, Teaching & Training. 

To worship, serve, and share the love of God with nations as seeds for His kingdom.

Investigate the underlying principles of nature and make discoveries to bring about a better tomorrow.

There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.

I have a team of dedicated and professional people who are playing a very crucial role to fulfil this noble cause towards impacting the world.

Work Experience

My background includes experience in academia, research, and industry, where I worked on a variety of projects in a number of disciplines

Part time lecturer

I worked as a part-time lecturer of Molecular Biology, Genetics & Bioinformatics in TSR & TBK College, Visakhapatnam, for postgraduate students. (Academic Position)

Part time lecturer

I worked as Scientist-B2 in TRIMSLABS, Visakhapatnam. India. (Research and Teaching Position).

Senior officer In Genetics

I worked as a senior officer in genetics, Department of Breeding and Brood Stock Management, National Prawn Company, Al-Lith, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  (Industry Position).

Senior Officer in Genetics


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What My Clients Say about me

I am very fortunate to have formed excellent partnerships with many of my clients.

I have discovered the perfect potential resources to help with his cutting-edge research that is impacting the world.

John Andrew Marks

Excellent and quality service. He provided me with productive workshops that helped me develop strategic tools and techniques in the areas of computational and biological sciences. 

Jenna Lopez Alicia

I was able to identify the ideal line of work  and perfect career based on my unique strengths and get expert career counseling from Dr.  John on targeted career options to plan my course and college


Martin Samuel Klinge

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